Apps, Websites, APIs, and Business Solutions designed, built, deployed and maintained at any scale.

From startup MVPs to Enterprise-Scale APIs, Lucid Systems builds performant, reliable, modern applications.

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We build elegant solutions to messy problems. How can we help?

Fancy acronym-based technology is only useful if it solves a problem.


Go From Idea to Product

We help start-ups at whatever level of technical sophistication and at whatever stage of development get an awesome MVP to market.

We understand that when you are a start-up, cash is short and time is shorter. Whether you are building a proof-of-concept for investors, getting your MVP into app stores or releasing as an independent platform, we can work with you through the process and get the software into production.


E-Commerce drives business. Lucid Systems drives E-Commerce.

If your e-commerce platform is not properly set-up, optimized, and integrated with your other business systems, you are literally losing money. If people can't find your store or if it doesn't work, then customers can't buy anything. If you are spending time manually processing, tracking, reconciling or reporting transactions then you are probably spending valuable time on stuff that would be done faster and with fewer errors if it were automated.


Custom Data and Application Solutions to Drive Efficency and Profit.

Lucid Systems consulting and development can make you, your team, and your existing resources and infrastructure substantially more efficient and profitable.


Your website is just one part of your digital footprint. Lucid Systems builds you a badass digital shoe.

Whether you are looking to optimize your site to benefit from inbound marketing campaigns, increase conversion on your pay-per-click campaigns, or climb the ranks in organic search results, Lucid Systems can help you achieve your SEO and web goals.

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We Know Great Results Start With Great Teamwork

Our developers work with clients from project inception through deployment, support, and continuous improvement.


We aren't just responsive, we are downright chatty. Our developers meet with you regularly and keep you posted as the project develops.


Maintain constant project visibility. As the key stakeholder in the project's outcome you should be privy to how the sausage is made at every step.


We hit deadlines. We do it on budget. 'Nuff said. But seriously, we value our commitment to you and your organization. We take the time plan the job properly.


Well built software can bring tremendous value to your business and your customers.