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E-Commerce has quickly become the de-facto purchasing tool for consumers. Online shopping constitutes over 10% of retail sales in the U.S. and is growing annually. The majority of shoppers prefer to buy products online because they find it easier and believe they will get better deals that way.

Establishing an online presence is essential to remaining competitive and maximizing revenue. Setting up online sales can be a daunting process due to its complexities and the vast number of options.

E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce platforms are a good way to establish your store quickly. We can help you set up a store on an existing E-Commerce Platform.

We are a Shopify Partner, and have experience with Big Commerce and Woo Commerce as well.

We offer turnkey solutions to our clients. After your project goes live you will have everything you need to do business online.

Custom Shopping Carts

Sometimes E-Commerce platforms do not fit the needs of our clients. In these cases, we can build custom web sites and add a shopping cart.

If you have an existing web site, adding a shopping cart might make more sense than setting up an E-Commerce platform.

Setting up custom shopping carts allows more customization but also requires more effort than using an E-Commerce platform.


Integrating your online store with a customer relationship management (CRM) system allows you to track customers and strengthen your marketing and sales processes.

Whether you have an existing CRM or need help implementing a new one, Lucid Systems can help.

Social Media

Integrating your social media presence with your online store is critical to giving your products wide exposure and increased sales.

We can help you integrate your product listings into your various social media accounts, sell your products on social media and funnel buyers to your online store.


Uploading products to your online store can be a daunting task if you plan on selling many products.

We can help format your data so that it can be easily uploaded to your store. We also help clients add products that are listed elswhere. We can also help you migrate products from your old store to a new platform.

Search Engine Optimization

Having an online store doesn't help you increase your business unless you are getting visits from online users.

With our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, we can optimize your store to get better search rankings. We can also analyze your competitors' keywords to determine how to optimize your store.

Why choose Lucid Systems?

Lucid Systems can help you establish your E-Commerce presence. If you are new to selling online, we can help you get setup properly and establish your business. If you already have an online presence and need help expanding, we can help you grow, adapt and flourish.

It is important to pick a E-Commerce solutions provider that is experienced, knowledgable, innovative.


With considerable E-Commerce experience, we have implemented a variety of online stores for clients in different industries.


We know E-Commerce. We have the ability to dive deep, understand your needs, and develop the right solution for you.


We love helping you come up with innovative solutions to business problems. You can count on us to think outside the box.

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